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Planning a Class Reunion?

Here are some ideas to make it a successful one. 


High School Reunion TipsPlanning a class reunion is easy right? Wrong. Class reunions must be fun for everybody and not planning properly can make it a disaster and result in very few classmates returning for subsequent reunions. So many reunions are a bust because of poor planning. Additionally many are planned well but not executed exceptionally well. If you are on the planning committee for the next high school reunion, perhaps these tips can make your event a successful one.

Keep in mind these following ideas and tips are just that. You do not have to do everyone of these on the list to have a successful fun-filled outing:


  Franchise Trees, another great addition to a class reunion or just a gift for a friend or relative.

Tips and Ideas for a successful class reunion:

  1. Choose a class reunion theme and make sure this theme is evident in every detail throughout your festivities: from invitation to activities. Even match the tablecloth and napkins to correspond with your theme. Even the food or snacks could fit right in with the theme.

  2. Many class reunions encompasses more than one day so have a welcome night that is very casual and intimate where folks can come for drinks, light snacks, etc. A local pub or small restaurant where you used to hang out during your school days is perfect for this.

  3. Have a central location where people can sign in. If it's a one-day event like a picnic, just set up a table. If you are spending a weekend at a resort or a hotel the concierge will be glad to help you. We like to give out nametags for everyone. A nice touch is putting pictures on each nametag from days past. My kids are always amazed at how handsome I was just 25 years ago. (What happened to me?) You should have a welcome basket or bag. Include an agenda and suggestions for restaurants in the area for out of towners that have to fend for themselves for a meal or two. Some family memorabilia is a nice touch and we think a personalized candy bar is a great way to commemorate the event. Take this opportunity to let them know where the bathrooms and other facilities are. Have them fill out a registration form to gather information for a family directory (or next year's reunion).

  4. Have a website setup for your class in advance of the reunion. These are normally inexpensive and a great way to communicate with the class before and after each reunion. When your classmates read the stories from your graduating class, and see the pictures of teachers and old pals, it will create a nostalgic mood that will build momentum right up to your high school reunion. Making a reunion website for your high school reunion is the best thing that you can do to create a buzz among your classmates and ensure that you have great attendance at your class reunion.

  5. Place disposable cameras at every table and continually have your DJ/Band/MC make announcements reminding attendees to take candid photos of each other. Once the reunion is over, post photos on a website and send links to everyone.

  6. How about making a time capsule for each table, with small objects from the year of graduation, such as peace sign necklaces, incense, tape cassettes, 45 records, love beads, etc. The History Channel at http://www.history could yield stories about the year of graduation that could be included. Xeroxed yearbook pictures, glued onto colored cardboard could also help fill out the capsule.

  7. Have a reunion "billboard" as attendees enter the main event with photos, memorabilia, awards, news clippings, yearbook photos, etc... from your class.

  8. Have everyone who was in the graduating class, whether or not they are attending the reunion, send in their baby picture. Number pieces of paper and leave blank spaces next to each number. As people walk in to the reunion, they will receive the pieces of paper. Place all of the baby pictures on poster board or foam core and put numbers next to each one. Let the guests guess who the baby is in each picture. Everyone turns in the sheets of paper. Whoever guesses the most correctly wins a prize.

  9. How many times have you been a reunion and you could not remember that person because your memory is only of how that person looked in high school. "I wonder who that is?" On the nametags, have a photo of the person as shown in the Senior Year Book so people can identify each other more easily.

  10. Balloons are an inexpensive way to decorate for reunions.

  11. Talk to your DJ/MC/Band about ideas they have done at previous class reunion parties. Providing trivia questions to your DJ or MC in advance to quiz the tables for answers to who was caught cheating on the senior English test or something? There would be dozens of questions and ideas you can come up with.

  12. Of course my favorite and the favorite of this site is play music from our era.

  13. Plan a tour of your alma mater. It’s amazing what memories and stories come back and are shared! See if you can remember where your locker was.

  14. If there are classmates too ill to come, create giant "get well" cards and have everyone at the reunion sign them.

  15. At the beginning of your event recognize the classmates who are no longer with you. A high school picture of the person projected on a screen or wall with a (solemn soundtrack if you have more than a few) would be fitting.

  16. Avoid cliche awards like the most successful and those types of awards. Look at awards where everybody can compete like; The classmate with the most children; the classmate with the most grandchildren; who traveled the furthest to get to the reunion; who was the last to register for the event; who has been married the most times? I think you get the picture.

  17. Invite feedback at the end of the reunion. Have feedback cards handed out or mailed (postage pre-paid if you can). Feedback should always be taken with a grain of salt, but if you see the majority of people have suggestions on the same issue, it may be worth taking note for the next reunion.



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