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Chickenman Has Been Identified!

Could Chickenman Be Glen Teason? Look at the Photo Closely


ChickenmanChickenman, WCFL's "winged warrior" crimefighter has been identified. This is an update about Benton Harbor, alias Chickenman, a product of Dick Orkin of WCFL.

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Glen Teason has located the pictures of Chickenman he had stashed away but not to be forgotten. To bring you back up to date.  Glen won the "What Does Chickenman Look Like" contest sponsored by WCFL. He rapidly sketched a drawing of Chickenman and sent it in and won the contest. After reviewing the sketches and the photos, I have concluded that perhaps Glen was Chickenman.  All kidding aside I want to thank Glen for providing these photos and for bringing back another fond memory of 60s radio.  Radio today cannot compete with the zany antics that these cool jocks provided us.  Chickenman was a spoof of batman which was a 60s TV icon. Batman had the  POW, ZAP and all the goofy dialogue but everybody just loved it as did those of us who had the opportunity to listen to the adventures of "the most fantastic crime fighter the world has ever known,"  Chickenman.  Thanks once again Glen. 

Photos of Glen Teason Being Recognized as the winner of "The Chickenman Contest"

Glen, wife Lana and Portrait of Chickenman 

Glen, wife Lana and Portrait of Chickenman

Glen Teason and Dick Orkin

Glen Teason and Dick Orkin pointing to Glen's winning sketch of Chickenman (you can't see the sketch but notice the ribbon)

Special Update: JUST ADDED: The newspaper copy of the original sketch of Chickenman as drawn by Glen Teason.

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