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with Neal Stevens

Neal Stevens TodayThe Soundtrack of the 60s is available only here on The 60s Official Site. Each month Soundtrack of the 60s along with DJ Neal Stevens takes you on a musical trip back to the current month from a year of the 60s decade. Neal will play the hits you were listening to played by your favorite DJ and the 45s you were buying from the five and dime store. Neal will present his insight on many of the songs and recording artists, facts, news and events from that month, and of course Neal's humor will be a big part of this great musical excursion. Re-visit and recapture that feeling you had when you first listened to this great music.

As an added addition, prior to each broadcast we will take requests and dedications for any future month's broadcast. These can be for birthdays, anniversaries, class reunions, special memory requests or long distance dedications to a friend or loved one. Please allow 30 days to get your request on the air. Special memories are especially welcomed. Neal will even read your dedication. Only a few will be selected each month so make it heartfelt and meaningful so you can increase your chances of being selected. You can complete a dedication for the next month's broadcast or any future broadcast by clicking here.

Soundtrack of the 60s broadcasts playing right now:

"FONT-SIZE: 14pt">Join Neal of Soundtrack of the 60s plays the artists that are not in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame and should be.

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