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Many of us baby boomers have grandchildren already, hard to believe isn't it?  I get questions all the time and find that my older grandchildren are interested in the days I grew up.  It is very difficult sometimes to try and explain what we did for recreation, the toys we played with, the TV we watched (sure a difference in TV and music compared to today.)  They can't seem to grasp that a grandparent was once a child.  They know its true they just think it was so long ago.  I remember hearing stories from my grandparents about the depression and so forth and I thought man that was so long ago and actually it was just 30 years before I had that discussion that the depression had become part of our history and now its been 40 some years since the 60s. Enjoy this page as we step back into history with the toys of the 1960s and the games of the 1960s. Most of these games were played with others in a social setting actually interacting with family and friends. Todays youth may be ahead of most of us with their computer training and skills but I still think it's better to play a game with an actual person than an avatar. 

If you are shopping or looking for toys and games from the past, then visit Joyce Grant's fabulous site Time Warp Toys A great big thanks to Time Warp Toys for the use of their photos for this web page!


Games of the 1960s- OuijaToys of the 1960 - Clue



Games of the 1960s -Twister

Twister from the 1964
This was and still is a great party game

Toys from 1960s- Bowling Set

Remember this Bowling Game from 1962? 
















1960s Toys - Girls U Curl

Girls Easy Curl

1960s Toys - Foldaway Doll House


1963 Foldaway Doll House











1960s Toys - Barbie Case

Barbie Doll Case 

1960s Toys- Rockem Sockem Robots

Rock'em Sock'em Robots from the mid 1960s 












1960s Games - Pool table

Pool Anybody?

1960s Toys -Hands Down

Hands Down













1960s toys - Baton Set

Girls Baton Set

1960s Toys - Pop Beads



Pop Beads (they just popped on and off)














1960s Toys - Playdoh

Play-Doh (Still popular today)

1960s Toys - Wooden Top

Wooden Top











1960s Toys - Sketcho

Sketch-O-Matic from 1962


Superball - 1965













1960s Games - Life

The Game of Life

60s Toys - Chatty Cathy

Chatty Cathy



















1960s - Beatles Magazines


























The Beatle Magazines were hot items during the 1960s. Although not considered toys these were hot selling items especially for the girls.



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