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Most radio stations used the Billboard Charts or Cashbox to gear the popularity of songs.  These charts were based on sales volume of records. The Billboard Charts or Top 40 of Hot 100 were published weekly and reflected the weekly countdown as so many jocks called it. In many music stores or five and dime stores these Billboard Charts were posted above the 45 records displayed for sale.    I still can recall them doing the countdown and saying "stay tuned for the new number one song on this week's top 40 countdown."  Many radio stations published their own charts to fit their listening audience in their respective geographical area but be rest assured these stations at least the larger stations subscribed to the Billboard Hot 100.

From my own collection of the Billboard Charts I have compiled the top ten songs from every day of the 1960s era.  So pick out a date and reflect on where you were and what songs were in the top ten at that time. That special date could be your birthday or the birthday of somebody special.  It could even be graduation day or even your first date with the love of your life.  No matter what the occasion or date you will find the top ten here. I hope you enjoy.  Write to me and let me know what you think about The 60s Official Site.  If you have any comments address to or leave a comment in the Guestbook.  Just click the year and check out the top ten songs of any day of the week and month of that year.  Enjoy stepping back in the baby boomer musical history.



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*****As a special service for my visitors I am offering assistance on hard to find songs from the 60s.  If you need help in finding a song or want to know who recorded a particular song or the title of a song, email me at with the name of the artist or the title or part of the lyrics of the song so I can assist you. Better yet for a faster response write a message in the guestbook. As you well know I am a collector and I probably have the song or know where you can get it.  





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