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The Real McCoys


Grandpa and Luke - Walter Brennan and Richard CrennaThe Real McCoys was a happy care free West Virginia Mountain  family that pulls up its roots and moves to California.  It first aired on ABC October 23, 1957 and later moved to CBS. A total of 224 episodes were made of this 30 minute situation comedy.

 The star of the show was Grandpa (Amos McCoy) played by Walter Brennan. He was as ornery as they came and was against anybody that everybody was for. He meddled in everybody's affairs including his neighbors and his own family. Grandpa's family included his grandson Luke and his new wife Kate, Luke's teenage sister and Luke's younger brother Little Luke. (Their parents were deceased) Amos was illiterate and he never allowed anybody to know that outside the family.  This caused many embarrassing moments and created that much more humor in a great comedy of the 50s and 60s. Kathleen Nolan later left the show and Luke became a widower so the remainder of the series was devoted to Grandpa finding Luke another wife.


The Real McCoys Cast:

Grandpa Amos McCoy: Walter Brennan
Luke McCoy: Richard Crenna
Kate McCoy: Kathleen Nolan
Hassie McCoy: Lydia Reed
Little Luke McCoy: Michael Winkelman
Pepino Garcia, hired hand: Tony Martinez
George MacMichael: Andy Clyde
Flora MacMichael: Madge Blake
Mac Maginnis: Willard Waterman
Hank Johnson: Lloyd Corrigan
Harry Purvis: Charles Lane
Mr. Taggart: Frank Ferguson




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