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The Jetsons

1960s television - The Jetsons

In an attempt to recreate the success of The Flintstones, Hanna-Barbera studios reversed the formula and instead of a stone-age family gave us a futuristic space-age cartoon family. The Jetsons lived at Skypad Apartments (which was raised and lowered according to the weather) in the year 3000 AD. 

Father George Jetson worked as Digital Index Operator at the Spacely Space Age Sprockets plant. Shopaholic wife and mother, Jane, kept the apartment neat and looked after the children Judy and Elroy and their dog Astro.

While most space shows were full of scary aliens and morbid existential concerns, The Jetsons was a reassuring fantasy of the future. Their apartment was full of space 'conveniences'; a hydraulic lift which kept the apartment clear of bad weather; the pneumatic tube which delivered Elroy to school; Rosie the robot maid and the atomic powered bubble car. George worked only three hours a day, even if it was (according to George) three hours too many.



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