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Star Trek


USS Enterprise of TVs Star Trek


DeForest Kelly as Dr. McCoy, Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock, William Shatner as Captain James Kirk in Star TrekStar Trek started its journey on television with NBC on September 8, 1966 and completed its final journey on April 4, 1969 after 78 episodes.

The series Star Trek was set in the 23rd Century on Starship Enterprise commanded by Captain James Kirk played by William Shatner.  Its mission was to explore unknown and new planets and to deliver supplies from Earth to other colonies in space.  Continuing conflicts with Klingons and Romulans provided recurring conflicts as well as other discovered life forms. 

Captain James Kirk was the commander of the USS Enterprise and the central hero of the series. His second in command was Mr. Spock, played by Leonard Nimoy, his science officer who was a half-breed. His father, an ambassador, was Vulcan while his mother was from Earth.  It was the logical thinking and maintaining his identity as a Vulcan that created turmoil within himself as his human side tried to provoke emotions. 

Another important character was Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy, played by DeForest Kelly, the ship's surgeon.  Spock and McCoy were always in disagreement with each other although mutual respect was always shown. They both had strong loyalty to Kirk.

Other members of the crew included Lt. Commander Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, Chief Engineer, SuLu, The Chief Navigator, and Lt. Uhura, Communications Officer.

Star Trek Cast


The Cast:

Captain James T. Kirk: William Shatner
Mr. Spock, science officer: Leonard Nimoy
Dr. Leonard McCoy ("Bones"): DeForest Kelley
Mr. Sulu, navigator: George Takei
Lt. Uhura, communications officer: Nichelle Nichols
Lt. Commander Scott, chief engineer: James Doohan
Ensign Paval Chekov: Walter Koenig
Yeoman Janice Rand: Grace Lee Whitney
Christine Chapel, nurse: Majel Barrett
Mr. Farrell: Jim Goodwin
Lt. Starnes: James Wellman




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