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Songs of the Week


Each week I select songs of the week from the 50s & 60s, many of these are not heard much anymore.   Some songs we play here may not have made the Top 40 but these songs were still a big part of our baby boomer era. Many of these you may be hearing for the first time but most you will recognize immediately. Enjoy this special page. 


My 1950s Pick for this week . .

is a great love ballad from 1955. It was written by Buck Ram and recorded by one of my favorite groups. They first recorded the song for Federal Records on May 20, 1954, but the recording was not released. In 1955, after moving to Mercury Records, the band re-recorded the song (on April 26) and it scored a major hit when it was released in May. In November that year, Federal Records released the original recording as a single (B-side - "You Made Me Cry") which sold poorly.  The song held strong in the number-one position on the U.S. R & B charts for seven weeks, and hit number five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It remained there for 30 weeks, beating out a rival cover version by a white band called The Hilltoppers. Enjoy the wonderful harmony of The Platters with 
 "Only You."   

My 1960s Pick for this week . . 

was sitting at #14 this week in 1968. The song was written by Tom Paxton who had released it in 1965. Others have recorded it as well including Judy Collins in 1964. This 1968 version by the Fireballs included only two of the four original verses. Enjoy.

  Goofy Pick of the Week . . .

is  one of the most famous novelty songs of all time.  He was a character actor and singer, best known for this 1958 novelty song. He played Ben Miller, brother of Frank Miller in the film High Noon, played Travis Cobb in The Outlaw Josey Wales, and also had a co-starring role as scout Pete Nolan in the television series Rawhide. Enjoy Shep Wooley with "Purple People Eater" which was a #1 hit.







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