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Remembering Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day 50s and 60s


As Valentine's Day approaches, thinking back to those innocent times of the 50s and 60s,  I recall how we, with the teacher's supervision, would construct a Valentine Drop Box to drop our Valentines, in preparation for our class party. Our Valentine's Day party consisted of handing out our Valentines and of course enjoying the usual snacks such as decorated cupcakes and cookies.  

A couple of weeks prior to Valentine's Day, the teacher would give each child a list of the classmates so nobody would be left out. Our moms would then go to the five and dime and purchase valentines to hand out.  Of course the package included one for the teacher and one for that "special someone."  Today I don't think those kind of parties are permitted by many schools due to the fear of offending other cultures and facing reprisal from such organizations of the ACLU (what a shame). 

60s Valentines60s Valentines60s Valentines

As we got older we matured more in regards to Valentine's Day.  Those funny cards became romantic cards and of course we gave gifts to our special someone who now was our steady.  These gifts included flowers, jewelry, candy or a romantic dinner.  We also had girl ask boy "Sweetheart" dances in high school in celebration of Valentine's Day.  No night was complete without listening and dancing to the music of the day which included "our song."  If you had a special somebody in your life, you had a  special song that belonged to only you and your boyfriend or girlfriend.  It usually was a romantic song. 

If you married your first love or somebody else, then hearing that song brings back the memories of a time so long ago even though it seems just like it was just yesterday even with the streaks of gray and wrinkles that adorn most of us. That special time, that first kiss, the hand holding, snuggling and the innocent necking.  A great time to remember and a fabulous era to have grown up.

60s Valentine Cards


 Enjoy the romantic love songs of the 50s and 60s just for Valentine's Day.


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