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Petticoat Junction


Petticoat Junction CastThere were 222 episodes produced for CBS and was on television from September 1963 till September 1970.

 Petticoat Junction was a spinoff from The Beverly Hillbillies.  The story takes place in a small town of Hooterville. Kate Bradley was the widowed owner of the only bed and breakfast type of establishment in the entire town.  She had three beautiful daughters, Billy Jo,  Betty Jo, Bobby Jo, who helped her run the rural Shady Rest Hotel.  Assisting also in the day to day operations of the hotel was lazy Uncle Joe, under guise of the hotel manager. Not only was Kate having to deal with her daughters romances but also the Vice President of C.F. & W. Railroad, Homer Bedlow. He wanted close down the steam driven branch of the railroad that served Hooterville and put the two engineers , Charlie Pratt and Floyd Smoot out of work. A widow with no annuity or income from life insurance, Kate was dependent on the Shady Rest Hotel and the Hooterville Cannonball for the support of herself and her three lovely daughters.”

In the fall of 1966, Pilot Steve Elliott crashed his plane outside of Hooterville and was nursed back to health by the Bradley girls. He got romantically involved with Betty Jo and married her and they had a daughter, Kathy Jo Elliott.

Soon after the start of production of the 1968-1969 season, Bea Benaderet, passed away. Without a central key figure, the show's demise was evident. It was canceled in 1970. 




Kate Bradley: Bea Benaderet
Uncle Joe Carson: Edgar Buchanan
Billie Jo Bradley: Jeannine Riley
Gunilla Hutton
Meredith MacRae

Bobbie Jo Bradley: Pat Woodell
Lori Saunders
Betty Jo Bradley: Linda Kaye Henning
Sam Drucker: Frank Cady
Charley Pratt: Smiley Burnette
Floyd Smoot: Rufe Davis
Steve Elliott: Mike Minor
Eb Dawson: Tom Lester
Homer Bedlow: Charles Lane
Roy Curtis: Roy Roberts
Ben Miller: Tom Fadden
Hal Smith
Fred Ziffel: Hank Patterson
Doris Ziffel: Barbara Pepper
Newt Kiley: Kay E. Kuter
Dr. Janet Craig: June Lockhart
Dr. Barton Stuart: Regis Toomey
Frank Ferguson
Orrin Pike: Jonathan Daly
Selma Plout: Virginia Sale
Elvia Allman
Henrietta Plout: Susan Walther
Lynette Winter
Kathy Jo Elliott: Elna Hubbell
Barbara Whiter
Heather Whiter

Herby Bates: Don Washbrook
Cousin Mae: Shirley Mitchell
Grandpappy Miller: Walter Baldwin
Jeff Powers: Geoff Edwards
Aunt Helen: Rosemary DeCamp
Oliver Wendell Douglas: Eddie Albert
Roger Budd: Jack Bannon
Willie Trankis: William 'Billy' Benedict
Sandra Nelson: Susan Benoit
Paul Henderson: Paul De Rolf
Reverend Barton: Frank De Vol
Lyle Cabot: Don Edmonds
Elwood: Dennis Fimple
Wendell Gibbs: Byron Foulger
Lisa Douglas: Eva Gabor
Bert Smedley: Paul Hartman
Orville Miggs: Jimmy Hawkins
Hank Thackery: Jonathan Hole
Junior Hocker: Russell Horton
Sheriff Vic Crandell: Barry Kelley
Roland Barrett: Steve Lander
Syd Sparks: Peter Leeds
Mayor Potts: William Mims
Grandpa Jenson: Burt Mustin
Martin Evans: William O'Connell
Edward: Dennis Pepper
Willie: Jay Ripley
Sheriff Pete Ragsdale: Michael Ross
Gus Huffle: Benny Rubin
Henry Brewster: Garrison True
Roy Turlock: Hank Worden
Various characters: Terry Phillips





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