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Songs of Nam

Songs of 'Nam

This jukebox is dedicated to my brothers and sisters who served in Vietnam.

Vietnam was the most unpopular war this nation ever fought. That did not diminish the tough and demanding job our men and women performed while serving there. Certainly not all our time was dedicated to just work. There was certainly time for fun and relaxation. One form was listening to Armed Forces Radio Vietnam and also our tape recordings of our music. It was a way to bring home a little closer to us. I receive email on a weekly basis from Vietnam vets. You may have seen some guestbook entries from the Vietnam vets also. Most all have a comment about the overall site content but many mention how much they enjoy the special Vietnam pages and of course the music I recalled listening to while I served there. Many songs were added to the list as a special request from my Vietnam brothers and sisters who also had a special memory of a particular song.

If you have visited the music page on Vietnam, you may have noticed that there is only an intro song and nothing else but a list of songs. Well I have now added a special jukebox for everybody to listen to.

While serving in Vietnam, if you were lucky, you had a chance to see a USO show. It seemed like all musical acts that performed always wanted to make you homesick especially with the song "Detroit City" and with its haunting lyrics "I want to go home" or the song "Green Green Grass of Home" and of course our anthem "We Gotta Get Out of this Place." I think all the groups always learned those songs.

Enjoy this jukebox. It is dedicated to the Vietnam Vets but its music everyone can enjoy!