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My Pics of My Tour in Vietnam While Assigned to the 101st Airborne (Air Assault)

101st Airborne


I was assigned to the 5th Transportation Bn. 101st Airborne in Phu Bai and then reassigned to A Troop 2/17th Cav. 101st Airborne at Camp Eagle.


Here are some of my ligher moments while serving in Vietnam in 1968.


These are the guys I mostly hung out with. Picture taken sometime in 1968 at a company party. Left to right: Ron Gilbert, Edgar Trotter, Glass, Center: Me with Beer Can on Head, Gary Houle, Back: Jerry "Shorty" Morris, Jon Rymarchez.

60s Vietnam


Clowning Around with Pat D'Angelo from Massachusetts and "Bear" Robinson

60s Vietnam


Me Again

60s Vietnam


Disneyland? Yeah right.

60s Vietnam


Base Camp Phu Bai

60s Vietnam - Phu Bai

These are 3 of many children that hung around the perimeter. I don't remember their names except the one on the far right was nicknamed "Short Round."

60s Vietnam

Rear: Left to Right: Montgomery; Charlson and Front; Carlstedt

60s Vietnam

On Guard Duty just posing for a photo

60s Vietnam

That nut "Bear Robinson" from either the state of Washington or Oregon, and me being bored again

Our First So Called Club - Our Beer Shack

60s Vietnam

On alert in the observation tower

60s Vietnam

Who can forget our mascot "Short One," The Cong Killer

60s Vietnam

Special Note:  If any of my viewers recognize any of these soldiers please email me at   I would like to know where they are now.



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