Mom's Cookbook/Her Special Recipes



The 60s Official Site proudly presents my Mother's own recipes and many more delicious dishes"

Can you remember your mother's special talent for cooking?

I sure do and I have the recipes she used for many years and even the ones she collected from others and keeping them only if they were great recipes.

There was nothing like the memory of sitting around the table with the entire family and enjoying a home cooked meal prepared by Mom.  Anybody who had the privilege of eating at her table offered so many accolades of her excellent ability to cook mouth watering meals time and time again.  Many of these recipes you can't find anymore and now I have written a cookbook that includes all these recipes and so much more.  These recipes were Mom's. Many of these recipes were passed down from her mother and grandmother. Mom never threw anything away including recipes written on envelopes or scratch paper and now these recipes are included in this special PDF formated cookbook. Also included in this cookbook are my recipes that I have collected over the years as well.

A cookbook to make cooking not only masterful but easy."

Mom's Special Cookbook/Her Special Recipes

Yes that is a picture of my Mom on the cover!!!!


"Make great dishes just like Mom which will continually amaze your family and friends on your cooking ability."




"...This book will show you how to cook the most delightful meals and spend less time doing it.  You will look like a pro and enjoy cooking. The most interesting part of this book is that most of the recipes are from my mother, a normal housewife, from the 50s and 60s. If you have a mother or grandmother from this era, then you probably have many of these recipes or you may wish you still had them.


Those special Sunday meals which we all looked forward to and miss even today are brought back to life in recipes that haven't been around for decades. Now you can have these special recipes and bring back those days when family prayer,  conversation, and laughter  around the table was so important."




"What a great cookbook!


"This cook book can make a beginner look like a pro."  Recipes that I haven't seen in years. Many I remember my mother cooking."


Best to you,

Natalie Simpson

San Jose, California





Dear Food Lover and The 60s Official Site Visitor, 

Save time and money with these delicious recipes!


Think about all the precious hours that you are losing everyday trying to prepare "quality" dishes for your family and friends. Cook today what we enjoyed yester years.


Learn these easy but master recipes and start cooking the simple way.


To be a great cook you have to have great recipes and great recipes existed when we were young.  These are all tested and have been handed down from generation to generation.... To cook great you have to have great recipes to simplify things so you can spend

more time with your family and friends.......especially if you are entertaining.


My Mom and her Mom's Mom  have spent a great deal of time perfecting these recipes and tweaking them to make them just right.  Many of these recipes are decades old and have been updated to insure the quality and taste have been perfected. 



Here Is A Preview Of What's Inside

Mom's Special Cookbook/Her Special Recipes


The cookbook has 16 sections:


  • Chicken Recipes

  • Budget Casseroles

  • Soups and Salads

  • Calorie Counting Recipes

  • Cakes, Cookies, Desserts

  • Entertaining on a Shoestring Budget

  • Easy Recipes

  • Beverages

  • Quick Main Dishes

  • Dinner Favorites

  • Outdoor Cooking Recipes

  • Salads for Every Occasion

  • Hors D'ouevres

  • International Favorites

  • Bread, Rolls, Pastries

  • Kitchen Hints


This remarkable cookbook has over 200 recipes. Mom's Special Cookbook/Her Special Recipes is only $9.97.

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Here Are 4 No Nonsense Reasons Why You Should Order Mom's Special Cookbook/Her Special Recipes

  • Easy With Superb Results- This cookbook has been specially designed for beginners and busy people. Every recipe is laid out with easy to follow instructions - exact proportion and amount of ingredients to use. 

  •  Save Money - Think about the hundreds of dollars that you are wasting in restaurant fees every month. With Mom's Special Cookbook you can prepare "killer" dishes on demand. 

  • Reduce Anxiety - You'll have over 200 recipe ideas that you can prepare for a whole year and even years to come.
  • Make Your Parties Memorable - Impress your family and friends with these fantastic meals. They will love them so much that they'll ask for more.



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The download is in PDF format.



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Immediate access in PDF format







"What a great value for the money. I can't wait to try all these recipes" 

Marty Oliver, Cambridge Ohio 







"This is a great cookbook with great recipes and cooking ideas. A great value for the money."


Molly Anderson

Ft Worth, Texas



 Special note:  These bonus cookbooks were once featured on my cooking site Hoffys Kitchen which is no longer on the web.

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