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Medal of Honor Soldiers from the Vietnam War Listed on the Wall

Medal of Honor 

Throughout the history of our nation, veterans and service heroes sacrifice, yet endure, because they believe in justice and fairness and the American way of life. 

The price of freedom is not free.  Its cost is very high.  Our nation has survived and prospered only because of the selfless sacrifice of millions of Americans willing to give up the comfort and security of their homes and families to endure the hardships that come with service to our nation.

Over the course of the various wars more than a million have paid the ultimate price.  Their sacrifices can never be ignored or forgotten.  If their deeds and actions become superfluous, so shall we as a nation.

Not only should Veteran's Day be a day of reflection but each and every day we should realize that we are unique as a people and as a nation because of our freedom.

Veterans and service heroes no matter what war or what capacity they served have earned our freedom for us...It exists because of the men and women who place their lives on the line when our country needs them. 


Medal of HonorDuring the Vietnam War, 244 men were awarded the Medal of Honor. Below are the 153 of those listed on The Wall.


Adams, William E.
Albanese, Lewis
Anderson, James
Anderson, Richard A.
Ashley, Eugene, Jr.
Austin, Oscar P.
Barker, Jedh C.
Barnes, John A. III
Belcher, Ted
Bellrichard, Leslie A.
Bennett, Steven L.
Bennett, Thomas W.
Blanchfield, Michael R.
Bobo, John P.
Bowen, Hammett L. Jr.
Bruce, Daniel D.
Bryant, William M.
Buker, Brian L.
Burke, Robert C.
Capodanno, Vincent
Caron, Wayne M.
Carter, Bruce W.
Coker, Ronald L.
Connor, Peter S.
Cook, Donald G.
Creek, Thomas E.
Crescenz, Michael J.
Cutinha, Nicholas J.
Dahl, Larry G.
Davis, Rodney M.
De La Garza, Emilio A.
Devore, Edward A., Jr.
Dias, Ralph E.
Dickey, Douglas E.
Doane, Stephen H.
Durham, Harold B.,Jr.
English, Glenn H.,Jr.
Estocin, Michael J.
Evans, Donald W., Jr.
Evans, Rodney, Jr.
Fernandez, Daniel
Fleek, Charles C.
Folland, Michael F.
Foster, Paul H.
Fournet, Douglas B.
Fous, James W.
Fratellenico, Frank R.
Gardner, James A.
Gertsch, John G.
Gonzalez, Alfredo
Graham, James A.

Grandstaff, Bruce A.
Grant, Joseph X.
Graves, Terrence C.
Guenette, Peter M.
Hagen, Loren D.
Hartsock, Robert W.
Harvey, Carmel B., Jr.
Hibbs, Robert J.
Holcomb, John N.
Hosking, Charles E., Jr.
Howe, James D.
Ingalls, George A.
Jenkins, Robert H., Jr.
Jimenez, Jose F.
Johnson, Donald R.
Johnson, Ralph H.
Karopczyc, Stephan E.
Kawamura, Terry T.
Kedenburg, John J.
Keith, Miguel
Langhorn, Garfield M.
LaPointe, Joseph G., Jr.
Lauffer, Billy L.
Law, Robert D.
Lee, Milton A.
Leisy, Robert R.
Leonard, Matthew
Long, Donald R.
Lozada, Carlos J.
Lucas, Andre C.
Martini, Gary W.
Maxam, Larry L.
McDonald, Phill G.
McKibben, Ray
McMahon, Thomas J.
McWethy, Edgar Lee
Michael, Don L.
Miller, Gary L.
Molnar, Frankie Z.
Monroe, James H.
Morgan, William D.
Murray, Robert C.
Nash, David P.
Newlin, Melvin E.
Noonan, Thomas Jr.
Olive, Milton L. III
Olson, Kenneth L.
Ouellet, David G.
Paul, Joe C.
Perkins, William T. Jr.
Peters, Lawrence D.

Petersen, Danny J.
Phipps, Jimmy W.
Pierce, Larry S.
Pitsenbarger, William
Pitts, Riley S.
Port, William D.
Poxon, Robert L.
Prom, William R.
Pruden, Robert J.
Rabel, Laszlo
Ray, David R.
Reasoner, Frank S.
Roark, Anund C.
Robinson, James W., Jr.
Rubio, Euripides
Santiago-Colon, Hector
Sargent, Ruppert L.
Seay, William W.
Shea, Daniel J.
Shields, Marvin G.
Sijan, Lance P.
Sims, Clifford C.
Singleton, Walter K.
Sisler, George K.
Skidgel, Donald S.
Smedley, Larry E.
Smith, Elmelindo R.
Steindam, Russel A.
Stewart, Jimmy G.
Stone, Lester R., Jr.
Stout, Mitchell W.
Stryker, Robert F.
Swanson, Jon E.
Taylor, Karl G., Sr.
Versace, Humbert
Warren, John E., Jr.
Watters, Charles J.
Wayrynen, Dale E.
Weber, Lester W.
Wheat, Roy M.
Wickam, Jerry W.
Wilbanks, Hilliard A.
Willett, Louis E.
Williams, Dewayne T.
Wilson, Alfred M.
Winder, David F.
Worley, Kenneth L.
Yabes, Maximo
Yano, Rodney J.T.
Yntema, Gordon D.
Young, Marvin R.






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