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Eddie Albert as Oliver and Eva Gabor as Lisa in Green Acres

CBS produced 170 episodes of Green Acres and it appeared on television from September 1965 till September 1971. Green acres was a spinoff of Petticoat Junction.

 Attorney Oliver Wendall, an attorney, wanting to be a farmer all his life buys The Haney 160 acre farm sight unseen near Hooterville. His wife Lisa objects leaving New York's  luxury to live in the country. She eventually gives in and moves to the broken down shack which is unfurnished and missing the luxuries they are so accustomed.  The show is built around them adjusting not only to the new style of living but to the towns people with their backwards living.



Oliver Douglas: Eddie Albert
Lisa Douglas: Eva Gabor
Eb Dawson: Tom Lester
Mr. Haney: Pat Buttram
Sam Drucker: Frank Cady
Hank Kimball: Alvy Moore
Fred Ziffel: Hank Patterson
Doris Ziffel: Fran Ryan
Barbara Pepper
Newt Kiley: Kay E. Kuter
Alf Monroe: Sid Melton
Ralph Monroe: Mary Grace Canfield
Joe Carson: Edgar Buchanan
Unis Douglas: Eleanor Audley
Darlene Wheeler: Judy McConnell
Brian Williams: Rick Lenz
Mr. Wheeler: Robert Foulk
Roy Trendell: Robert Foulk
Sarah, telephone operator: Merie Earle
Lori Baker: Victoria Meyerink



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