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1960s Baby boomer High School Years
1960s Baby Boomer High School Years

We have always been told that you don't look back but always look forward.  But as we left our high school years with all those memories and entered our adult lives, one could not help but take a look back to a time when life was so carefree.  The innocence or sometimes not so innocent first love, the many friendships, the laughter, the fun,  and the innocent mischief was so much part of who we are today.

We baby boomers, who graduated from high school in the 60s, had dreams and plans like anybody before us and after us. Of course these plans changed several times as we continued our journey.

We grew up in one of the best decades that resulted in the most significant change in recorded history. Just take a look back and see what we had our hands in accomplishing.

The music we listened to was forecast as being a fad and would never last.  Rock 'n Roll was said to be just a passing thing.  The music of that decade is some of the best music ever recorded and is still played today on many radio stations across this great nation. Even the top rated TV Show, American Idol showcase that era every season. So sit back and take another look at the year you graduated from high school.  The 60s Official Site will bring you what was the best and not so best of that high school year. The happenings, the movies, the TV shows and of course the music, which were so much a part of our lives, during our high school years.

Where were you when that song was playing?  Who was your love at that time?  What and who do you miss most from that period of time? What do you remember most about that particular day, month, year or decade?  Please leave a comment in the guestbook or send me an email at   Planning a high school class reunion?  Need some ideas and tips?  Click Here.

Sit back and begin your journey by selecting your graduating class year.


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