Baby Boomer Quiz

Take a piece of paper and write down your answers to these multiple choice questions.


1.  What years of birth would qualify you as being a baby boomer?

     a.  Inclusive years 1948-1960

     b.  Inclusive years 1945-1965

     c.  Inclusive years 1946-1964

     d.  Inclusive years 1946-1966

2.  What president made the remark "You won't have ______ to kick around anymore?"

     a.  President Eisenhower

     b.  President Nixon

     c.  President Truman

     d.  President Johnson

3.  In what city did the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King make his famous "I Have A Dream Speech?"

     a.  Memphis, TN

     b.  Washington D.C.

     c.  Selma, AL

     d.  Montgomery, AL

4.  On what TV Show did The Beatles appear to kick off their first U.S. tour in 1964?

     a.  The Ed Sullivan Show

     b.  Shindig

     c.  Hullabaloo

     d.  The Steve Allen Show

5.  In July of 1966 The Lovin' Spoonful topped the charts with what song?

     a.  Daydream

    b.  Summer in the City

    c.  You Didn't Have to Be So Nice

    d.  Do You Believe in Magic?

6.  In what year was the American U-2 spy plane piloted by Francis Gary Powers downed and captured in Russia?

     a.  1960

    b.  1961

    c.  1962

    d.  1964

7.  Bill Mazeroski hit a dramatic seventh-game home run and gives the Pittsburgh Pirates an unforgettable World Series triump over what team?

      a.  Chicago White Sox

     b.  New York Yankees

     c.  Cleveland Indians

     d.  Washington Senators

8.  In 1960 Butterfield 8 won The Best Actress Academy Award?  Who was the actress?

      a.  Debbie Reynolds

     b.  Katherine Hepburn

     c.  Elizabeth Taylor

     d.  Marilyn Monroe

9.  In what year did East Germany erect the Berlin Wall?

      a.  1961

     b.  1960

     c.  1962

     d.  1959

10.  What film made from a Broadway hit won the best movie of the year Academy Award in 1961?

     a.  El Cid

     b.  Breakfast at Tiffany's

     c.  West Side Story

     d.  Two Women

11.  In 1961 Harper Lee wins the Pulitzer Prize for the best fiction book.  Do you recall the name of that book that later became a movie?

     a.  The Making of a President

     b.  Guns of Navarone

     c.  To Kill a Mockingbird

     d.  Catch-22

12.  This President stirred thousands of college students with his creation of the Peace Corps.

     a.  President John F. Kennedy

     b.  President Dwight D. Eisenhower

     c.  President Harry S. Truman

     d.  President Lyndon Baines Johnson

13.  In what year did Federal Communications Chief Newton Minnow call commercial television a vast wasteland?

     a.  1960

     b.  1961

     c.  1962

     d.  1963

14.  Who became the first American to orbit the earth?

     a.  John Glenn

     b.  Neil Armstrong

     c.  Gary Powers

     d.  Gordon Cooper

15.  In 1962 what baseball player from the Dodgers broke Ty Cobb's single-season stolen base record?

     a.  Pete Rose

     b.  Maury Wills

     c.  Nellie Fox

     d.  Don Drysdale

16.  What movie in 1962 did Gregory Peck win best actor Oscar?

     a.  To Kill a Mockingbird

     b.  How the West Was Won

     c.  The Longest Day

     d.  The Music Man

17.   Sandy Koufax leads which team over the New Yankees in the World Series in 1963?

      a.  San Francisco Giants

     b.  Milwaukee Braves

     c.  Los Angeles Dodgers

     d.  Cincinnati Reds

18.  In what year was the first James Bond Movie released in the United States?

     a.  1964

     b.  1962

     c.  1965

     d.  1963

19.  What was the name of the first James Bond movie?

     a.  Dr. No

     b.  Goldfinger

     c.  Thunderball

    d.  From Russia with Love

20.  Before 1963 the nightly news telecasts on NBC and CBS were how long?

      a.  15 minutes

     b.  20 minutes

     c.  30 minutes

     d.  60 minutes

21.  In 1964 President Johnson was given congressional approval of broad war-making authority in Vietnam with what resolution?

     a.  Vietnam Broad War Powers Resolution

     b.  Tonkin Gulf Resolution

     c.  Warren Commission Resolution

     d.  Economic Opportunity for Vietnam Resolution

22.  Who did Cassius Clay (soon to become Muhammad Ali) defeat to win his first heavyweight boxing championship?

     a.  Floyd Patterson

     b.  Sonny Liston

     c.  George Foreman

     d.  Joe Louis

23.  In what year was Black Nationlist leader, Malcolm X shot to death?

     a.  1965

     b.  1964

     c.  1966

     d.  1967

24.  The National Headlines reads: A sniper atop the tower at the University of Texas kills 12 and wounds 31.  For the second time in two years, there is rioting in the Watts section of Los Angeles.  Increasing use of drugs, particularly LSD, becomes a national concern.  The first artificial heart transplant in a human is a success.  What year did these headlines come from?

     a.  1965

     b.  1966

     c.  1967

     d.  1968

25.  What year did Star Trek debut on TV?

     a.  1966

     b.  1967

     c.  1968

     d.  1965

26.   In 1966 Truman Capote completes the most controversial and acclaimed book of the decade.

     a.  The Valley of the Dolls

     b.  In Cold Blood

     c.  Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?

     d.  Sweet Charity

27.  Who becomes the first African-American Supreme Court Justice in 1967?

     a.  Thurgood Marshall

     b.  Edward White

     c.  Roger Chaffee

     d.  John Wooden

28.  The top Oscar winner in 1967 was In the Heat of the NightWho were the stars of the movie?

     a. Dustin Hoffman

    b. Rod Steiger

    c. Sydney Poitier

    d.  b & c

    e.  a & c

    f.  a & b

29.  Wilt Chamberlain leads his team to its first NBA championship ever in 1967.  What team did Chamberlain play for?

     a.  Philadelphia 76ers

    b.  New York Knicks

    c.  Atlanta Hawks

    d.  Boston Celtics

30.  What country seized the U.S. Spy ship Pueblo?

     a.  North Vietnam

    b.  South Korea

    c.  Russia

    d.  North Korea

31.  In what city was the Democratic National Convention held in 1968 that was marked with violence and protests in the streets?

    a.  Chicago

    b.  Los Angeles

    c.  New York

    d.  Boston

32.  For what college team did Pete Maravich, one of college basketball's most profilic scorer, play for?

     a.  UCLA

     b.  USC

     c.  LSU

     d.  Ole Miss   



Check Your Answers and See How You Did?    






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