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Do you have a question about the 60s that is stumping you and you can't sleep at night? Or do you have a song going through your head and you can't remember the title or even who recorded it. Maybe you are trying to think of a movie from the sixties or even a TV show that escapes your memory. Well Big Dog is here to assist you. Big Dog will try to answer all your questions. For those he cannot he will post your question here for help from any of our visitors who may know the answer. Just complete the form at the bottom of this page and Big Dog will contact you with the answer. If you are having problems with the form you can email Big Dog directly at


About Big Dog: Big Dog was born on my birthday 11 years ago. Unlike most dogs he likes the finer things in life like 60s music, 60s culture, and great cigars. After chasing cars for awhile he found that old age had slowed him down and found that chasing cars could result in getting injured. His favorite drink is Wild Turkey and he loves to surf the internet looking for as much information he can absorb regarding the 60s decade. His favorite all time TV shows are "Lassie" and "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin." His leisure time is spent lounging by the pool smoking his cigar and sipping his favorite beverage. Big Dog appears arrogant most times but does know the 60s although does not admit he is an expert. He is so excited to be working for the 60s Official Site so put him to work as he is starting to gain some weight. ---Carl 

Question:  In the 60s I remember hearing a skit or a song about some country boy coming to the city for the first time and seeing his first football game. He was blown away, but very confused as to why all these grown men were chasing this weird ball around. Do you remember who did this piece? - Glenn


You must be thinking of Andy Griffith's skit. "It Was Football."  You can find that skit on the net to listen it once again.

Question: Can you tell me the name to a song, here are some of the lyrics: if you think her lips can kiss you better than my lips can kiss you, run to her, if you think her arms can hold you better than my arm can hold you, go to her. - Donna


The song you may be thinking of is Bobby Vee's "Run to Him."  Here are the lyics:

If you've found another guy who satisfies you more than I do run to him, I'll step aside If you think his lips can kiss you better than my lips can kiss you run to him, forget my pride If someone else's arms can hold you Better than my arms can hold you go to him and show to him all your emo-oh-tion If someone else can make you happier than I can make you run to him, my tears will dry If someone else's arms can hold you better than my arms can hold you go to him and show to him all your emo-oh-tion If someone else can make you Happier than I can make you run to him, my tears will dry If it's me you want to love you I'll be more than glad to love you Hold you till your life is done but darling, if I'm not the one then run to him.

This song made it #2 in 1961.


QuestionThis question may not be up your alley, but I will ask it anyway.My boyfriend(who later became my husband)and I worked swing shift in the late 50s and early 60s in LA and after getting off work,we would cruise listening to our favorite DJ,called Huggy Boy.Can you tell me his name?Just thinking about him brings back so many precious memories.Thanks a lot. -  Juanita Fellows


Huggy Boy is none other than Dick Hugg known for introducing LA white listeners to Rhythm and Blues.  Sadly he passed away in 2006 at the age of 78.


Question: I have been trying to locate a song that was about the Vietnam War and was sung by a female vocalist. It had as part of the chorus:

'My son, My son, I pray that you come home to me. My son, My son. The woman talks out the lyrics through most of the song and it is about her son growing up and then going off to war and how she hopes he makes it back home again. I have been trying to find this song for years but can not remember the name or the vocalist. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Bob Garcia


  The song you are thinking of is by Jan Howard "My Son."  This song was Howard's most personal composition. She dreamed in 1968 that her son, who was fighting in the Vietnam War, would be killed in battle, which came true. She pleaded that her son would return home, but he died that year. The song was a Top 15 country hit in 1969.

Question: I was watching a show called Emergency Room on BBC America and a really older gentleman was in because he had chest pains.............he was telling a nurse that he used to be in a Group call The Torpedos and they played part of this instrumental song...........I remembered it but cannot find anything about The Torpedos on line except for a different group............the gentleman, and I forgot his name, said they were popular in the 60s but I think this was his only song that was played................ 


With the help of my friend John Timmons of CQ Hams here is what was found on the Torpedos.

The Torpedos were a rock group popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s in the Detroit area. The group consisted of five members led by singer/songwriter Johnny Angelos and guitarist Robert Gillespie. The band was pure rock and roll with a Detroit Rock style.

  Though the group never had a hit to make it onto the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, they finally did record and release an album in 2000 entitled, "No Refills!". The LP contains seven studio tracks including their most memorable tunes, "Pop Star" and "No Pills" along with ten live tracks. "Pop Star" gave the band recognition with the worldwide Detroit rock scene. 
  Angelos passed away a few years ago, but his son now sings with the band. The group still has a cult following and every year gets together for a reunion. 

Question:  I am trying to remember the name of a popular instrumental of the late 50s or early 60s. Very pretty, slow, slide guitar, the opening lines resemble the opening lines to "Soldier Boy". Help!

Faydene Oliver


You maybe thinking of this instrumental from 1959 which was played by a slide guitar.  It must be Santo & Johnny's "Sleepwalk'."


Question: I heard an album in the late '60s by a group called Apple Tree Theater. Very psychedelic. The owner of a record store that specializes in that erra said the album showed up one day and was sold immediately. Do you remember seeing or hearing it and can you find a pick of it's cover or better yet where I can find a copy?

David Torgerson



Apple Tree Theater was a studio group of American musicians who released the album "Playback" in 1967.  The album was essentially a loosely-woven concept album, comprising a collage of interlaced vocal narratives, sound effects, song fragments, and quality pop songs such as "Hightower Square" and "I Wonder If Louise Is Home". It was issued on the Verve Forcast label, and was finally reissued on CD in 2007. John Lennon referred to it as one of his favourite albums.

In the wake of the set's commercial failure Terry went solo, releasing three albums as, singer/songwriter while John reappeared as a member of the short-lived Hamilton Street before turning his attention to production with the Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, and others.

I have found a new CD on Ebay. Here is the link.



Question:  Big Dog, my hubby and I have a disagreement about the song the Beach Boys do called Little Deuce Coupe. He says its a woodie. I say its the 32 Ford Coupe. They tricked them out with the lake pipes. I know the flat head mill is talking about the engine and the other verse is talking about the carburetor. He swears its the woodie. I think he's confused with a Jan and Dean song. Help!

Sue Schmitt


I hope you had a dinner bet with your husband because it was in fact a 1932 Ford Deuce Coupe. The picture on the front of the LP cover which the song appeared was supplied by Hot Rod Magazine. The owner of this hot-rod was Clarence Catallo and it was his own customized four-window 1932 Ford Coupe known forever as "the lil' deuce coupe. Although Catalllo died in 1998 this car still tours today in many exhibitions across the nation.

Thanks for your email and tell hubby to pay up.




Question: Instrumental - "the horse" was performed and written by whom?? A neighboring HS football band , the Kennedy Mustangs uses it for their theme song -- great brass licks!!

Jodie Jackson


"The Horse" was written by Jessie G. James and performed by Cliff Nobles and Co. It was orginally the B-Side of the record "Love Is All Right." "The Horse" was the instrumental version of "Love Is All Right." The DJs flipped the record over and it took off. It made it to #2 on the charts in June 29, 1968. It was kept out of the #1 spot by Mason Williams "Classical Gas," the only time in Billboard history that two instrumentals were in the #1 and #2 spot at the same time.   


 Question: I'm trying to locate the artist/title of a male vocal song of the 50's or 60's. The first few lyrics are: Hi de hi de hi de ho;He de he de he de he;
Thanks for your help!!!

Frank Hoffman (no relation to Carl)


After careful research, I could only find one song with the complete reference to those lyrics. It was a song done by Cab Calloway called "Minnie the Moocher." The song was not a 50s and 60s song but was recorded in 1931. Cab Calloway appeared in the Blues Brothers movie which he sang that song and continued to perform it until is death in 1994.


Question: Do you remember a song with the spoken line "I come through the window?" The words "through the" actually sounded like "tru da," and I believe there was the sound of glass breaking. Could have actually been in the fifties, though. Thanks!

Fran Beckwith 


Stan Freberg, who was famous of doing parodies of many songs, released "The Banana Boat Song" in the 50s. The song featured breaking glass as he entered a window after being locked out. Below are his famous lyrics of this song in parody. Note below the window breaking and the lyrics you sent. I hope this helps if not let me know.

Day-o, day-o
Daylight come and
Me wan go home

Day, he say..
(Man, I`m gonna have to ask
You not to shout like that)
Well..(it`s like right in my ear)

It goes with the song
(Yeah, but don`t holler
In my ear, man)

Well, it`s authentic Calypso
(Yeah, but try standing
Next to me, man)

Well, the shout go
With the bongo drum
(Not my bongo drums, man
I mean, move away)

Well, I don`t see why
(No, no, no, stand over
Next to the guitar, man)

He sent me over here
(Yeah, well, then sing soft, man
You know, I mean like, wow)

Ok, day...(It`s too loud, man)
Day..(that`s better)

Me say day, me say day
Me say day, me say day
Me say day-o, daylight come
And me wan go home
(Yeah, man)

Work all night
On a drink of rum
Daylight come and
Me wan go home

Stack banana til
The morning come
Daylight come and
Me wan go home

Lift six foot, seven foot
(Hold it, man) eight foot bunch
(Hold it, man)

Daylight come and
(Too loud, man)
Me wan go home
(Too loud)

Lift six foot, seven foot
(Hold it, man) eight foot bunch
(Hold it, man)
Daylight come and
Me wan go home
(My ears, man, like my ears)

Day..(no, hold it, man)
Me say day-o (it`s too shrill, man)
(It`s too piercing)

Well, I don`t see why
(No, it`s too piercing, man
It`s too piercing)

Well, I got to do the shout
(No, man, it`s too piercing
Like I don`t dig loud noises)

Well, you ruined the whole
(Piercing) record is what you did
(Yeah, well, tough
I`ll take my bongos and go, man
Cause the whole is like
Bugging me, anyhow)

Yeah, well, wait a minute
I won`t shout (no, man)
(Like I didn`t wanna make
This gig in the first place)

Oh, no, wait a minute
I`ll be soft (yeah, well)
(Then back off from me, man
It`s too piercing)

Okay, how`s this, day-o
(Too loud, man)
Okay, day-o (too loud, man)
(I can still hear you
Would you mind leaving the room)

Okay *footsteps leaving*
Day, me say day-o (crazy)
*footsteps entering*
Daylight come and
Me wan go home

*footsteps leaving*
Day, me say day-o
*footsteps entering*
Daylight come and
Me wan go home

A beautiful bunch
Of ripe banana
Daylight come and
Me wan go home

Hide the deadly
Black tarantula
Daylight come and
Me wan go home

(No, man, don`t sing about
Spiders, I mean, like
I don`t dig spiders)
Lyrics courtesy Top40db.

Well, that`s how the song goes
It goes hide the
Deadly black tarantula
Daylight come and
Me wan go home

(Is that it, can I leave now)
Not yet, we got a big finish

*footsteps leaving*
Me say day, me say day
Me say day, me say day
Me say day-o

Hey, I locked myself out
(Crazy) *window breaks*

I come through the window (yeah)
Daylight come and
Me wan go home


Question: I especially love the novelty records- I have a small collection of the vinyl of the day. I need to know the name of a song that was sung about a toy. Only thing I can remember about the lyrics is -"it went whirrrrrrrr when it ______?"
It made alot of funny sounds and I think it had lights on it too- Any clues?????

Gloria Damron


The song that comes to mind is "The Marvelous Toy" written by Tom Paxton and performed by Peter, Paul and Mary. Lyrics are as follows:

When I was just a wee little lad, full of health and joy
My father homeward came one night and gave to me a toy.
A wonder to behold it was, with many colors bright
And the moment I laid eyes on it, it became my heart's delight.

It went zip when it moved
and bop when it stopped
whirrrrr when it stood still
I never knew just what it was, and I guess I never will.

The first time that I picked it up, I had a big surprise.
For right on the bottom were two big buttons that looked like big green eyes.
I first pushed one and then I pushed the other, then I twisted its lid.
And when I set it down again, here is what it did.

It went zip when it moved
and bop when it stopped
eh hah eh hah when it stood still
I never knew just what it was and I guess I never will.

It first marched left and then marched right, then marched under a chair
And when I looked where it had gone, it wasn't even there.
I started to cry but my daddy laughed cause he knew that I would find.
When I turned around my marvelous toy would be chugging from behind.

It went zip when it moved
and bop when it stopped
and whirrrrr when it stood still
I never knew just what it was, and I guess I never will.

The years have gone by too quickly it seems, and I have my own little boy.
And yesterday I gave to him my marvelous little toy.
His eyes nearly popped right out of his head, and he gave a squeal of glee...
Neither one of us knows just what it is, but he loves it just like me.

It still goes zip
when it moves and
bop when it stops,
whirrrrr when it stands still
I never knew just what it was, and it only cost one hundred million dollars to build.


Question:  I have been searching for years for info on a group, which I believe was from L.A.. Their name was Fields. I don't know how many albums they had but I would be interested in any info you might have. I know there was at least one poster out. I don't know if it was part of an album or what but I really would like to find one of the poster(s) also.



Thanks to John Timmons of CQHams for searching and finding the facts about the rock group The Fields. Here is his response below:

Fields was a rock, soul, psychedelic quintet from southern California who first recorded under the name, W.C. Fields Memorial String Band. They produced a few singles - most notably, Hippy Elevator Operator in 1966

  * The group radically condensed their name in 1967 to simply, ESB, short for Electric  
  String Band. Their most noted single of that year was, Mushroom People  
  * The groups name was shortened even more to just, Fields, after evolving into a pared- 
  down trio molded after Cream. In 1969 they released their lone self-titled LP, Fields that 
  featured backing vocals from Motown legend, Brenda Holloway and The Raelettes. The 
  LP was not successful and resulted in the band's breakup shortly thereafter 


Question: I have looked for the answer to this and haven't found it yet! There was a song back in the 60's about a guy looking out his window and seeing a buffalo.Then more and more buffalo. For some reason, I can't remember, the buffalo start coming through his house. I just remember as a kid getting excited when this song came on the radio. Would love to hear it again!!??


Thanks once again to John Timmons of CQHams for his research and his knowledge of the 60s decade music to correctly identify the mystery song.

" It appears that I have also solved the other "Ask Big Dog" mystery concerning a 1960s song about many buffalos outside and inside a house. The song is, Two Buffalos by Australian recording artist, Rolf Harris. The song is the "B-Side" of Harris' hit, Court Of King Caractacus. "

Here are the lyrics to the song:

I looked outside my window and what do you think I saw?
The strangest sight I've ever seen you'll never guess just what I mean,
I can't believe it myself

I saw 2 Buffalos, 2 Buffalos,
Buffalos on my lawn,
Romping all around and stomping on the ground
And all of my grass was gone.

I watched them for a while and what do you think I saw?
The strangest sight I've ever seen you'll never guess just what I mean
I still can't believe it myself!

I saw 4 Buffalos, 4 Buffalos Buffalos on my lawn,
Romping all around and Stomping on the Ground
And all of my grass was gone.

Then I began to worry, for what was I supposed to do?
The strangest sight I've ever seen, I guess you've guessed just what I mean.
Though I can't believe it myself
I saw 8 Buffalos, 8 Buffalos,
Buffalos on my lawn
Romping all around and stomping on the ground and
All of my grass was gone.

Pretty soon there were 16 Buffalos, 16 Buffalos
Buffalos coming in the door
Romping all around and stomping on the ground
There were Buffalos by the score

Looked again and there's 32 Buffalos, 32 Buffalos
Buffalos sliding down the stairs
Romping all around and stomping on the ground
There were buffalos jumping on the chairs.

Pretty soon there were 64 Buffalos, 64 Buffalos
Buffalos running in my room
Romping all around and stomping on the ground
Somebody better get a broom

1 Hundred and 28 Buffalos
Man that's enough of those Buffalos, jumping in my bed
Romping all around and stomping on the ground
So this is what I said;

You better get out of here Buffalos
Get outta here Buffalos
Buffalos get outta my bed
You've been jumping on things and busting all the springs
And I'm gonna shoot you dead

I looked out of my window and what do you think I saw
The nicest sight I've ever seen
I guess you know just what I mean
I still can't believe it myself
I saw No Buffalos, No Buffalos
Buffalos on my lawn
Not romping all around or stomping on the ground
But all of my grass was gone.





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