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Memories of 1967

Israel defeats Arab forces in a six-day war which ends with Israel occupying the Sinai Pennsula and other territories.

U.S, troops in Vietnam approach 500,000 exceeding the Korean war at its peak. Domestic antiwar protests continue to grow, climaxed by a march on the Pentagon in October.

Israel smashes the Arabs in 6 day war.

Montreal's Expo '67 is one of the most successful world's fairs ever.

Three U.S. astronauts - Gus Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee die when their Apollo spacecraft burns in a simulated launch.

Thurgood Marshall becomes the first black U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

H. Rap Brown cries, "Burn this town" while in Maryland. Apparently, people were listening as racial riots in Detroit end the summer of love in violence; 43 are killed, 1700 stores are destroyed as federal troops are used to stop the mayhem.

Riots in Newark, NJ kill 26 and injure more than 1,500. Race riots in 125 other cities, incuding Detroil where 43 died, indicate the level of discontent.