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The 60s Candy that Our Sweet Tooth Craved


This is the same candy I remember buying at my hometown school lunch hangout, The Goody Nook.


Who can ever forget the great candy we devoured during the 60s?  You  can very seldom  find these candy delights.   I remember a special little store down the street from my high school called The Goody Nook where we would have our less than nutricious lunch and make as much noise as we wanted. This was a special place, where we could meet with all our friends, which was better than the school lunch room. Ironically, it was owned by my great aunt and great uncle so my behavior had to be impeccable,  at least most of the time. My great aunt and great  uncle must have had nerves of steel to have to put up with all the noise  we rowdy teenagers made.  What a memory! Here is a visual review of the treats we enjoyed during that period. Can you think of anymore?

Sugar DaddyChunky Candy BarFizzies Drink Tablets


Beeman's Chewing Gum, Clove Chewing Gum, Black Jack Chewing GumGum BallsBazooka Bubble Gum

                                                                         Remember the comics inside?


Lucy PredictamintsSmith Brothers Cough Drops


Mallo Cup CandyTeaberry GumOh Henry Candy Bars









Boston Baked BeansBlack Jack Taffy





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